Our history through our goals.

Luigi Cattaneo Ltd patents the first crane with aerial jib alignment simultaneous with the tower hoisting.  The crane (type CM 80) was characterized by the high handling structure to reduce the towing crane height, solution recently used also by many other constructors.


Starting year of the lucky series of cranes with mono beam structure of the jib and tower.


Luigi Cattaneo Ltd is the first to patent:
• a monophasic high performance crane with continual current engine
• a crane with a hydraulic aerial alignment of the jib, which today represents a standard for cranes with a jib over 40 m.

Production of CM65 crane, the first with a hydraulic jib in 3 elements.

Luigi Cattaneo Ltd constructs the first crane with an over 30 meters jib, aerial alignment, transportable on lorry within the loading gauge.

Luigi Cattaneo Ltd produces cranes with variable grade tower.

Luigi Cattaneo Ltd patents a crane with a 35 meters hydraulic jib, transportable on lorry within the loading gauge. The crane (type CM75), constantly updated, has been produced in thousands of exemplars, still operating in the job-sites all over the world.

All the cranes of this range are marked "CE".

Luigi Cattaneo Ltd obtains the ISO 9001 certification which ensures the quality of its system.

Luigi Cattaneo Ltd starts the production of modular cranes.

Luigi Cattaneo Ltd productive activity is certified by TÜV, the German certification organization.

Luigi Cattaneo Ltd introduces something new among the “city” crane. It is the new “city crane with low rotation” type CM 50S4.

Luigi Cattaneo Ltd supplies as standard, on cranes with over 30 meters jib, the hoisting of 3000 kg with II fall called "4".

Luigi Cattaneo Ltd obtains the ISO 9001:2000  certification which ensures the quality of its system.

Luigi Cattaneo Ltd introduces in its range the first crane with a 41 m hydraulic jib, with double assembling cylinder on the tower. Type CM90S4 is entirely transportable on lorry within the  loading gauge. The crane is characterized by an innovative “tower/jib/trolley” solution which allows useful different heights superior to the average ones; the novelty, simple and brilliant, is immediately “copied” by the competition.

Luigi Cattaneo Ltd begins again the production of the tower crane with high rotation.