31.000 sq. m (of which 12.500 sq. m covered)

Watch the video: Big show at 4.000 meters

Company name:   LUIGI CATTANEO SPA
Legal Status:   Limited company
Capital stock:   € 3.000.000,00 paid in full
Property:   100% Cattaneo's family
Chairman:   Sir Gerolamo Cattaneo
Established:   1954
Production line:   Building tower crane
Average production*:   530 units per year
(*) Data referring to the average of years between 1998 and 2009

Luigi Cattaneo SPA was founded in Magnago (Milan-Italy) in 1954 as a company specialized in the construction of building tower cranes. Under the management of Cattaneo's family, the company is now one of the most significant example of all the companies dealing in tower cranes, also thanks to the constant research of advanced technical solutions and to the ability of its own workers.

For many years Luigi Cattaneo Ltd is a fixed reference point for those companies who look for trusty, complete, modern and updated cranes: the diffusion of the Cattaneo trademark all over the country confirms this. 

During the years, Cattaneo cranes have been exported and appreciated all over Europe and the entire world, carrying on and spreading the positive image of the leader company in building tower cranes.